Advanced audio visual control systems

Suitable for boardrooms, meeting rooms, lecture theatres and more

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Types of control panels


Keypad controlled commands

Keypad with LCD Panel

Keypad commands with LCD screen

Touch Panel

Fully-featured graphical touch panel


High performance keypads in a variety of configurations

Keypads are simple control interfaces that allow you to interact with all of the technology in your meeting room.

A single button press can initiate a string of commands that can set all the technology in your room to one of your presets.

A typical preset for starting a meeting might be:

Lights dim, blinds close, screen comes down and projector turns on with the correct source selected.

AMX makes keypads in a variety of looks, colors, and button arrangements.

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Keypads with LCD

Cost efficient keypads with built-in LCD display

With the built in LCD on JED Micro's controllers you can quickly and easily see information such as equipment status, current source, screen motions, audio volume, lamp & filter hours, and communication status. Jed controllers come with a database of over 1700 makes and models, and can be field upgraded to support newer equipment and features. Projectors, monitors, screens and blinds can all be controlled from a single unit.

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Touch Panel

A single point of control for all your technology

A control panel integrates all the functionality you need in a meeting into a single, streamlined interface. That way, you increase your meeting productivity by letting technology get out of the way.

AMX invented the world's first touch panel dedicated to room automation in 1988 and has led control panel innovation ever since. Today, AMX control panels are used in the top corporate, government, and education spaces in the world. That's why you can trust AMX to automate your environment, making it more effective and efficient.

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