Factory Radio

Multi-zone, large scale radio and audio systems suitable for many areas such as production, manufacturing and packaging.

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Main features


Individual volume control from multiple zones

Clean room safe

Speakers suitable for use in clean rooms

Timed switching of stations

Different stations to suit each shift

Factory Radio

Professional quality audio for your entire factory floor

Service Assured Maintenance can provide a trouble-free audio system to cover your entire factory, giving you clear and faultless sound.

Systems can be split between multiple zones in each area or even across floor levels. Each zone has the option to control what they're listening to and the volume they are listening at, without affecting other areas.

Utilising reliable and reputable products, such as Cloud Electronics, you can rest assured that we have the exact system to suit your needs. Each system designed by us is tailor-made to give you the very best sound and features.

Due to the wide variety of configurations possible, please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular application and we'll be able to recommend a system that is right for you.