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Extensive catalogue of original and compatible projector lamps available for every projector make and model.

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Projector Lamps

Over 8,500 projector models catered for

Service Assured Maintenance has access to a catalogue of lamps for over 8,500 projectors. We use fully stocked "Genuine Lamps Alliance" suppliers with fast, reliable delivery. We can provide pricing for original and compatible lamps. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

Beware of counterfeit lamps

The sale of fake projector lamps is rapidly increasing and has infiltrated legitimate markets in every country of the world. Many resellers are unwittingly buying and selling fakes without realising it because their reputable supplier has been similarly duped by their supply chain.

At Service Assured Maintenance we guarantee that any projector lamp you buy from us is sourced from a reputable and verified supplier and we will never provide you with anything but a genuine lamp.