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The next generation room manager.

Touch. Schedule. Meet.

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Making meetings even smoother

Evoko Liso Room Manager is a turnkey solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing e-mail server. No additional software is required. Installation on the server is as simple as adding a new employee to the network. Secure, reliable and easy to manage.

Clear & easy to use

Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Book conference rooms easily and then have all information presented on the Evoko Room Manager.

Book ad hoc meetings on the screen or use your smart phone or normal calendar software. Anyone can use it, it is that easy.

Optimize the use of rooms

Increase meeting room availability by using the check-in function that releases booked meeting rooms when no one has shown up.

Optimize resource usage and get valuable decision making support, by analyzing statistics from the units. Open the door to a new more effective meeting culture

Analytical and efficient

Evoko Liso gives you full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to really optimize resources. You get decision-making support that truly cuts cost by analyzing statistics in the web based Evoko Home – now more comprehensive than ever.

Make sure you use the perfect room for every single meeting. Evoko Home also offers extensive multisite management options with permission control and real-time monitoring of the units. It has never been easier to open the door to a much more efficient meeting culture.

Happy IT department

Seamless integration to existing e-mail servers. Secure, reliable and with minimal infringement to existing IT environment.

Evoko Liso Room Manager is a turnkey solution with everything you need included in the box. No extra hardware or software is required and there are no license or subscription fees. A one time cost with everything included.

Includes Remote Management for smooth configuration, updates and overview of the Room Managers.

Simple and beautiful

Evoko Liso has a new, slim design. It’s easy to install and a true delight to look at outside every meeting room. There are no extra plug-ins or additional software to learn. So easy and self-explanatory that anyone can master it without any prior training.

All features can be reached with only a few simple touches. So smooth, helpful and bright. Your next meeting is just a fingertip away.

Includes Remote Management for smooth configuration, updates and overview of the Room Managers.

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