Projector servicing and repair facilities

With certified and knowledgeable technicians we can service and repair a wide range of projectors in our workshop in Cork

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Projector Servicing Cork

Why is projector servicing important?

Excess heat is one of the most common causes of projector failure. If cooling vents are obstructed or filters are not kept clean, your projector will most likely fail at some point, sooner rather than later.

Projectors require constant and adequate airflow to operate correctly. If there is a build-up of dust and debris inside your projector it will clog up the cooling and exhaust fans and the temperature will increase.

What are the risks?

Heat output from the lamp is extremely high and if the interior of the projector is not cooled properly, you risk causing damage to the lamp and other internal components. This can lead to fan, lamp or power failures if the temperature is not regulated correctly.

Symptoms of dirt build-up include random shutdowns, loud noise, poor image quality, blemishes & spots on image and more frequent replacement of lamps.

Issues such as these will prevent your projector from operating correctly and will eventually cause it to stop working altogether

What can you do?

We provide a professional and efficient projector cleaning service to ensure that your projector stays running as optimally as possible.

By performing a full and thorough clean of the interior of your projector and unblocking fans, you can be sure that your projector will stay in running condition much longer.

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Projector Repair Cork

What can go wrong with your projector ?

Projectors are a complicated and intricate piece of electrical equipment. Many components go into making a projector display an image on your screen and sometimes these parts can fail.

It could be any number of issues including, but not limited to, refusing to start up, shadowing, mirror doors not opening, loud noises, or not focusing properly

Is it worth repairing?

Put simply, projectors are expensive and the longer you can get out of yours without having to replace it the better. Sometimes, due to budget constraints or other factors, replacing a projector is not an option. Repairing is a cheaper alternative.

What can you do?

Our goal is to provide you with professional and accurate information so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you should repair or replace. All work performed is to a very high standard and you will be made aware of all costs involved before we proceed with a repair at your request.

We operate a no-fix, no-fee policy and we do not charge for assessing a fault in our workshop.

Common Issues

The most common issues we see are fan problems, shadowing or dark lines along the edges of the display and drop down mirror doors not opening or closing.

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